Japan ChaoJi Gun 500A 1500V EV Plug CHAdeMO 3.0 Protocol ChaoJi Charger Connector

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CHAdeMO 3.0 – Standard harmonization efforts between CHAdeMO and GB/T
ChaoJi EV Gun ChaoJi vehicle inlet DC ChaoJi plug
CHAdeMO Association Introduces CHAdeMO 3.0 Protocol (ChaoJi)
The new charging standard ChaoJi should enable outputs of up to 900 kW.

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Japan ChaoJi Plug CHAdeMO 3.0 Protocol ChaoJi Connector

The first images have been released of the new standard charging plug jointly developed by the China Electricity Council (CEC) and the CHAdeMO Association. The new charging standard ChaoJi should enable outputs of up to 900 kW.

The prototype of the new charging plug was presented at the general assembly of the CHAdeMO Association. The new charging standard is to be released in 2020 and bears the working title ChaoJi. The connection is designed for 900 amperes and 1,000 volts to enable the required charging capacity.

Operating under CHAdeMO communication protocol, CHAdeMO 3.0 is the first publication of the next-generation ultra-high-power charging standard, being co-developed by China Electricity Council (CEC) and CHAdeMO Association with the working name “ChaoJi.” The Chinese version, operating under the GB/T communication protocol, is also planned to be released next year.

This latest version of CHAdeMO protocol enables DC charging with the power over 500kW (maximum current 600A), while ensuring the connector to be light and compact with a smaller diameter cable, thanks to the liquid-cooling technology as well as to the removal of locking mechanism from the connector to the vehicle side. Backward compatibility of the CHAdeMO 3.0-compliant vehicles with the existing DC fast charging standards (CHAdeMO, GB/T, and possibly CCS) is ensured; in other words, today’s CHAdeMO chargers can feed power to both the current EVs as well as the future EVs via an adapter or with a multi-standard charger.


Good progress is being reported on the joint effort by the predominantly Japanese CHAdeMO Association and China’s State Grid utility operator on their new common connector plug design for future vehicles from both countries.


Last summer they announced an agreement to work together on a common connector design called ChaoJi for future use in Japan, China, and other regions of the world using the CHAdeMO or GB/T connector today. ChaoJi (超级) means “super” in Chinese.


CHAdeMO is the DC fast charging connector design used, for example, in the Nissan LEAF. Electric vehicles sold in China use a GB/T charging standard unique to China.


Details of the ChaoJi effort were initially sketchy but are now becoming more clear. The goal is to design a new common plug and vehicle inlet that can support up to 600A at up to 1,500V for a total power of 900 kW. This compares to the CHAdeMO 2.0 specification updated last year to support 400A at up to 1,000V or 400 kW. China’s GB/T DC charging standard has supported 250A at up to 750V for 188 kW.

ChaoJi is poised to combine CHAdeMO and GB/T standards into one.

The Japanese CHAdeMO Association announced a new version of the CHAdeMO protocol (CHAdeMO 3.0) harmonized with China’s GB/T standard under the ChaoJi project.
It’s the first publication for the upcoming ChaoJi high-power DC charging standard, under development by CHAdeMO Association and China Electricity Council (CEC) to combine CHAdeMO and GB/T into a single solution.

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