CCS2 DC Charger Station 240KW Fast Charger Station DC Fast Charger CE Certificate

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Product category:  240kW One machine with two connectors

Connector Stadard:  CCS2
Output power: 240KW
Max output current(A): 400A
Frequency:  55Hz±10%
Power factor:  ≥0.99

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CCS2 DC Charger Station 240Kw Fast Charger Station DC Fast Charger CE Certificate

Additionally, the 240KW DC fast EV charging station has state-of-the-art technology and safety features. The charging station has built-in overvoltage protection, short circuit protection and ground fault protection to ensure maximum safety for users and electric vehicles. Additionally, the charging station is equipped with an advanced cooling mechanism that prevents overheating and maximizes the efficiency and lifespan of the charging station. These features not only optimize the charging experience, but also give EV owners peace of mind.

As a leading provider of intelligent charging solutions, Shanghai Mida EV Power has always prioritized safety and compliance. Our DC EV Fast Charger Station is developed to meet the highest industry standards, including UL/TUV/CE compliance, ensuring that it operates reliably and safely. With rigorous testing and certification processes, we guarantee that our charger stations are of the highest quality and will provide efficient and dependable charging for electric vehicles.


Common faults and treatment methods of DC Charging Station:

First, the screen shows the emergency stop fault

Possible cause: The emergency stop button of the charging pile is artificially pressed.

Solution: Rotate and press the emergency stop button (usually the red/yellow button on the side) as prompted. 

Second, the charging gun can not be pulled out: lock the gun

Possible cause: Draw the gun directly without stopping charging; It was a mistake and the gun was locked.

Solution: Unlock manually according to the unlocking mode of the gun head.

Third, after the power is switched on and leakage protection trip.

Possible causes: the opening and leakage protection are too small or old; The power supply line leaks.

Treatment method: Check the line, replace the circuit breaker and leakage protector. 

4. There is voltage (V) on the screen, no current or low current (A)

Possible cause: three-phase power lack phase; The power supply cable is loose.

Solution: Check whether the wiring of the power supply line is loose. If no, contact the power supply department to check the overall line.


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